Pro Pack

134,90 € tax incl.

199,60 € tax incl.

  • 4x Pixter Clips
  • 1x Super Fisheye Lens
  • 1x Pixter Wide Angle Pro Lens
  • 1x Pixter Macro Pro Lens
  • 1x Pixter Telephoto Lens
  • 4x Cleaning wipes
  • 4x Lens covers
  • 4x Carry pouches

The Pixter Pro Pack is the nec plus ultra in the Pixter range.

Enjoy all the Pixter Pro lenses in one single Pack.

The Pro Pack contains the Pixter Super Fisheye lens, the Pixter Wide Angle Angle Pro lens, the Pixter Telephoto lens and the Pixter Macro Pro lens.

The Pixter Lenses are compatible with all smartphone brands.

The Pixter Clip is especially designed to work on the front and back cameras of your smartphone.
The Pixter Clip silicone grip ensures the best clamping whilst protecting repecting the surface of the smartphone.

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