Pixter Wide Angle Pro

49,90 € tax incl.

  • 1x Pixter Wide Angle Pro Lens
  • 1x Cleaning wipe
  • 1x Pixter Clip
  • 1x Lens cover
  • 1x Carry pouch

The Pixter Wide Angle Pro lens is the best in terms of wide angle lenses for smartphones. Its advanced optical design allows the lens to capture a field twice as large without any line distortion.

This lens is equipped with a steel case that contains 5 maximum clarity lenses. The polarized lenses are anti-reflective and guarantee an excellent transmission of light.

The Pixter Wide Angle Pro was designed to take landscapes or restricted indoor shots without any distortion.

The Pixter Clip is especially designed to work with the front and back cameras of your smartphone.
The Pixter Clip silicone grip ensures the best possible clamping whilst protecting the surface of the smartphone.

The Pixter Wide Angle Pro is compatible with all smartphone brands!

  • Equivalent: 16mm
  • Surface treatments: Polarized/anti-reflective coating
  • 5 multilayer lenses
  • Resolution (lines/mm): 300
  • Distortion: <2%
  • Chromatic aberration: <0.5%
  • Weight: 36 g

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