Pixter Macro Pro Lens

49,90 € tax incl.

  • 1x Pixter Macro Pro Lens
  • 1x Cleaning wipe
  • 1x Pixter Clip
  • 1x Lens cover (front & back) 
  • 1x Carry pouch

The Pixter Macro Pro lens is the best in terms of Macro lenses for smartphones nowadays.

Enter the world of detail without blur or distortion. The Pixter Macro Pro lens allows you to exceed the capabilities of your smatphone's camera sensor by taking, never before seen, quality and detailed photos. The lens also has a diffuser to place on the lens (if required) to balance the light and get a crisp focus in the blink of an eye.

Unlike the Pixter Ultra Macro lens, the Pixter Macro Pro lens allows you to make Macro photos with a longer focal length. Ideal for photos of flora or insects.

The Pixter Clip silicone grip ensures the best possible clamping whilst protecting the surface of the smartphone.

The Pixter Macro Pro lens is compatible with all smartphone brands!

  • Equivalent focal length: 25mm on a 35mm format
  • Magnification 4.5x
  • Focus on the subject between 10 and 35 mm
  • Anodised steel case
  • Removable light diffuser
  • Shock and scratch resistant
  • Lens composition: 3 lenses in 2 groups
  • Resolution (lines per mm): 250
  • Distortion: 0%
  • Chromatic aberration: <1%
  • Weight: 31 g




Pixter Macro Pro Lens

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